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    Mario Kroll
    November 30, 2016

    Went to see Debbie as my very first acupuncture treatment. Had thought about it for years, and finally took the plunge (no pun intended). Debbie is absolutely wonderful, thorough, gentle, and within a couple of treatment, she helped me get my high blood pressure under control without remaining on medication, something I didn't think was possible. Her office is very clean, welcoming, and relaxing and I look forward to my regular acupuncture treatments now. I should also add that unlike many other service providers who encourage you to come as often as possible (probably revenue driven) she actually worked with me and suggested spacing out treatments as I improved, saving me both time and money.

    Jonelle Lotts
    May 24, 2018

    Acupuncture with Debbie produces quick results. I have been to a couple of different acupuncturist in different cities. What is different about Debbie is that she listens to me as a patient and using her skills I have quicker and more effective results. Debbie is a very positive and caring person and treatment in her office will leave you feeling better and lighter. I highly recommend her to anyone dealing with pain or in need of relaxation.

    Marianne Hedrick Weant
    December 01, 2016

    I came to see Debbie several times after an unexpected loss in my family when I was only a week postpartum. I was familiar with acupuncture and some other complementary therapies, but as a public health worker, I'm naturally a little skeptical. I had never heard of using acupuncture as a tool to move through the grieving process and had never actually had acupuncture done. Additionally, the shock of the loss had caused my postpartum bleeding to stop. It was better than I imagined. The appointments were very relaxing--most are placed on your arms and lower legs, so I never had to undress or anything. I couldn't really feel the needles, but I could feel a sort of movement. Call it energy or chi or something else, it was definitely there. Debbie has such a nice bedside manner and a strong knowledge of overall health and well-being. The office itself is lovely and well-designed and in a convenient location with good parking. As with any complementary therapy, I'd say it's worth trying if the potential benefits outweigh the risks--and they definitely do. After just a few appointments, I felt more capable of handling the grief and the postpartum effects had resolved. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to come back to see Debbie under more pleasant circumstances in the future!

    Julie Ord
    December 06, 2016

    I’ve been a patient at the Cary Acupuncture Clinic for two years and have experienced superb care and results. I’ve had a chronic condition for over 16 years with many complex symptoms. Debbie Goodwin has been flexible in my treatment plan and she has been able to identify and continually treat a whole host of my medical issues. Debbie has made a real difference in my quality of life. As a practitioner, Debbie is dedicated, a wonderful listener, totally focused on her patient’s healing and is an amazing acupuncturist. Debbie has proven to be extremely knowledgeable, and with her adaptive style, she has been able to treat my evolving symptoms. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed a Chinese Face Reading session with Debbie where I learned fascinating, invaluable and extremely profound insights about my personality. The Cary Acupuncture Clinic is a very warm, welcoming and relaxing environment, and I really look forward to my appointments there. Without hesitation, I’d strongly recommend Debbie Goodwin and the Cary Acupuncture Clinic to any patients seeking a holistic treatment from an experienced, talented, and caring practitioner.

    Jennie Schilawski
    November 21, 2016

    You may be skeptical, believe me I understand – I was too!! All I can tell you is that I am a skeptic no longer! I watched while my Mother suffered from chronic back pain and migraine headaches for as many years as I had memories of. She tried it all – chiropractic treatment, cortisone shots, TENS units, narcotics and even very invasive back surgery – all with no lasting relief. Debbie Goodwin, with Cary Acupuncture Clinic, changed all that! She provided my Mom with pain relief that I had never witnessed in her before! About three (3) years ago, I suffered a back pain situation of my own. There was no relief to the terrible pain! If you have ever suffered this, you know what I mean! The pain is there - sitting, standing or lying down – it doesn’t matter! Having witnessed the benefit to my Mom, I placed a call to Cary Acupuncture Clinic make an appointment for myself. I was able to get an appointment that very day. I am not going to tell you that it was immediate cure with no more pain, but there was some immediate relief! Debbie asked me to allow her three (3) appointments, and I agreed. I will, without hesitation, tell you that after my second appointment on the following day I witnessed significant improvement in my previously debilitating back pain! After the third appointment, I was all in! Now, when I start to feel the first twinges of back pain I am on the phone! I can also tell you that Debbie’s treatments have helped me, throughout the years, with headaches, migraines, sleeplessness and occasional anxiety. But, don’t take my word for it, give it a chance for yourself! What have you got to lose?? And just think – you are likely to gain relief from your specific situation that you may never have thought possible! Along the way, Debbie’s treatments have done that for me, several members of my family and many friends! I never hesitate to recommend Debbie and Cary Acupuncture Clinic to anyone who’s health & wellbeing I am concerned about! Jennifer – Cary, NC

    Cary Acupuncture Clinic, Inc.

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    301 Keisler Dr, Cary, NC 27518, USA

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