The Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Center

205 Tryon Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603, USA

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    Nichole Winkel
    May 07, 2024

    I’ve enjoyed shopping here for years, but lately the parking situation has become so frustrating. You can’t even pull into the lot to check for a spot without possible getting stuck bc of cars that park along the curb of the entrance. Half the spots have been made employee parking, which I fully understand, but most times I see that many of them are empty. It’s a pain to take the time to drive out here only to turn back around bc of parking. Also please stop stapling tags on the clothes. It ruins them and are a hassle to take off. A clothes tag gun and supplies would be worth the investment or just make a general pricing for items.

    C A
    April 03, 2024

    Salvation Army thrift store of Raleigh is a great place to shop. It's a huge store that has a lot of stuff for the whole family. I see the same friendly faces every time I'm in there. This place is one of the best thrift stores in the area. The items are in good condition and there is always a good selection. You won't be disappointed.

    patrick b
    March 15, 2024

    This used to be a good thrift store, but lately the prices and selections have been pretty bare. The furniture and electronics have been sparse and usually not what I’m looking for. And what they do have is incredibly overpriced.

    Clarissa Dilley
    February 03, 2024

    The cashier that “helped” us was unnecessarily rude. We were trying to ask her questions to get clarification on some things to which she just completely blew us off, told us to speak to a manager because “she just worked there.” As a result of her hostility and blatant disrespect, I asked what her name was…which she ignored me. I had to ask her four separate times before she responded with “Lena” and I doubt that’s even her real name. I’m am extremely disappointed in the lack of common decency this woman displayed. However, the manager on duty was VERY helpful and offered us the answers this cashier should have been able to explain. It might be an option to not have this woman as one of your front end employees if this is how she chooses to uphold herself in a customer oriented job.

    Krissi Faith
    November 06, 2021

    PLEASE END THE STAPLING OF TAGS. WOULD SPEND SO MUCH MORE MONEY HERE BUT YOU ARE KILLING THE QUALITY OF THESE NICE BRANDS... SEE PICS. L.L. Bean now with hole in the sleeve.. one wash and it'll spread. Revisited this store and reduced the ratings to 1 star. Someone is DOUBLE STAPLING THE TAGS TO THE CLOTHES. I spent $144 in one visit. Some of my items were $4.99 each. I get home and realize half of the items are ruined from staples. Not only that, but that kind of lazy, incompetence is gonna destroy someone's washing machine if they miss a few. I love this store but took me OVER AN HOUR AND A HALF TO UNDO THE STAPLES! 3 large bags of items... all stapled! 2 in each item. Some items were even zip tied. Please fix this immediately. If all sales are final, and this is how clothes are going to be tagged, I will donate and purchase elsewhere. Never seen something so ridiculous in my life. Loft, Ann Taylor, Coldwater Creek items destroyed... I am in such shock that someone would think to do this. Have a little more integrity. This thrift shop has the best deals but they aren't the best of they all have holes in them. They have limited space for a lot of furniture but the pieces they do have are pretty nice. The clothes are a little disorganized but we were there at the end of the day. *Note that they do close at 5pm.* Contacted the store about the staples. No apology or concern. Said they do this because the tags would come off or people would try to switch prices. Offered to find them some tag guns. There must be another solution. They won't be changing their ways anytime soon. Until then, we are gonna visit elsewhere. Sadly.

    The Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Center

    Our Address

    205 Tryon Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603, USA

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