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    Hanna Chio
    March 03, 2024

    Xtreme Park Adventures offers a myriad of adrenaline-pumping activities, making it a prime destination for families seeking adventure. My children and I explored a variety of attractions, including the rope course, paintball challenge, Xtreme haunt, lasertag, and ATV adventure. Here's my comprehensive review of our experience: Activities: We sampled a selection of activities to get a feel for what the park had to offer. The rope course provided a thrilling challenge for both kids and adults, with varying levels of difficulty to cater to all skill levels. The paintball challenge was intense and well-organized, offering a fun and competitive experience for all participants. The Xtreme haunt was a highlight, delivering spine-chilling thrills that left us on the edge of our seats. Lasertag provided fast-paced action and strategic gameplay, while the ATV adventure offered an exhilarating ride through rugged terrain. Staff and Service: The staff at Xtreme Park Adventures were exceptional, displaying professionalism and courtesy throughout our visit. Our guide was knowledgeable and proficient, ensuring that we had a safe and enjoyable experience. Their dedication to customer satisfaction was evident, and they went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. Facilities and Design: The park's layout and design were impressive, with each attraction meticulously crafted to provide maximum enjoyment. The set-up was spectacular, creating an immersive environment that heightened the excitement of each activity. From the intricate details of the Xtreme haunt to the sprawling landscape of the ATV adventure trails, every aspect of the park was designed to inspire awe and wonder. Value for Money: While the experience at Xtreme Park Adventures was undeniably exhilarating, the steep admission fee left me expecting more. Given the cost of entry, I had anticipated additional amenities or enhanced experiences to justify the price. However, the quality of the activities and the level of service provided did not disappoint, making it a worthwhile investment for families seeking adventure. Overall, Xtreme Park Adventures offers a thrilling and memorable experience for families looking to escape the ordinary. With a wide range of activities to suit all ages and interests, coupled with exceptional staff and stunning design, it's a destination that promises excitement and adventure at every turn. While the admission fee may be on the higher side, the unparalleled experience makes it a worthy investment for an unforgettable day out with the family.

    Ashley Odvody
    May 03, 2024

    My son loves this place. It has really great features for playing airsoft. It's nice to find a place for my teenage son to go. There's 15 acres of land with lots of space. There's a lot of creative thought into different terrains and themes like a Western town, Mad Max, and hotel. The sets are amazingly well done with a lot detail to make them feel authentic. It's well maintained, the staff is friendly and helpful, and it has a really good community with the players.

    Joshua White
    July 06, 2023

    A really fun authentic paintball experience. I loved the variety of maps and the way they encourage teaming up with others. The staff is as involved as you want them to be. I went with a small party of 3 and we had a great time with the premium package. I highly recommend grabbing the extra 500 paintballs if you like to just shoot around or you have new folks ;). The maps were all super fun but were in a state of gentle disrepair which made me just nervous enough to add to the game, but just be careful and treat the game with respect and nothing should give you too much cause for concern.

    Skeets Fish
    May 07, 2023

    This was one of the best activities I’ve had with my kids! We did the gel blasters and had an absolute blast! “G” (nickname for a longer name he told us) who was our referee and seemed like the manager of the park was absolutely amazing in every aspect. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and made sure my kids had so much fun. As a single dad who has my kids only every other weekend- this was something my kids will never forget.

    Brittany Chambers
    July 14, 2023

    We had my kid's 11th birthday party there and it was fantastic! The staff was all super nice, and the instructor was great and really good at wrangling seven 11 year old boys and getting them to listen. The area we played in was awesome. Will definitely go back!!

    Xtreme Park Adventures

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    7460 Wake Forest Rd, Durham, NC 27703, USA

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